Preoperative SLNB

SentiGuide allows a preoperative mapping of the sentinel lymph node to enable needle biopsy. This is achieved by augmenting a high-resolution 3D SPECT image on the ultrasound image and then performing an ultrasound guided needle biopsy instead of extracting the sentinel lymph node by means of surgery.


SentiGuide clinical workflow

Proposed clinical benefits

Benefit 1: Reduced OR time Reduced OR time
since the status of the sentinel lymph node is known beforehand. Main surgery and ALND (if indicated) can be done all in one. No waiting time for the
frozen section during surgery.
Benefit 2:Reduced complication rate Reduced complication rate
for the preoperative SLNB compared to the normal surgical approach.
Benefit 3: No stand-alone SLNB No stand-alone SLNB
for patients that get a neoadjuvant chemo therapy.
Benefit 4: Patient dose reduction Patient dose reduction by factor of 4
since preoperative SLNB can be done shortly after injection. No 2-day protocol needed.

How does SentiGuide work?

The SentiGuide generates SPECT images using a highly sensitive handheld gamma camera combined with an optical navigation system. By scanning around the region of interest, data is captured and used to reconstruct a high-resolution SPECT image. This image is then overlayed on the ultrasound image and lets the user easily identify the SLNB. The registration of both images is done completely automatic by using a common reference sensor. In the final step a needle biopsy under ultrasound guidance is performed.

SentiGuide® Technology

Video demonstrating the clinical setup and workflow of SentiGuide:

Download SentiGuide Flyer

Literature about SentiGuide

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