Nuclear Medicine

Improved SPECT images with declipse®SPECT Imaging Probe

high quality spect image generated by declipse®SPECT imaging probe of the thyroid Due to its flexible design and freehand usage, the declipse®SPECT Imaging Probe is capable of scanning directly on the surface of the skin which increases image resolution for applications like thyroid, parathyroid and SLN mapping.

Hybrid SPECT augmented ultrasound imaging

declipse®SPECT Imaging Probe and Ultrasound Fusion offers a unique hybrid imaging solution for direct correlation between the SPECT image and ultrasound. This is advantageous in thyroid diagnosis, parathyroid, and preoperative detection and localization of sentinel lymph nodes.

declipse®SPECT Ultrasound Fusion  SMART concept for hybrid SPECT & Ultrasound Imaging

Further information on declipse®SPECT Imaging Probe and Ultrasound Fusion

Interventional guidance and radio-guided surgery support

declipse®SPECT used during surgery SurgicEye declipse®SPECT offers a flexible and portable SPECT imaging solution that can be used for SLN imaging before and during interventions inside or outside the intervention room. Its direct correlation with the patient's anatomy and its 3-D features enable precise identification and localization of radioactive structures. The system is an extended service of nuclear medicine to surgical oncology teams, providing all information required to safely and completely resect radioactively labeled structures by handheld 3-D imaging and navigation. It is time to use 3-D imaging in tumor surgery!

declipse®SPECT provides surgery support in open surgery and laparoscopic surgery:

declipse®SPECT Laparoscopic Surgery

Detailed information of declipse®SPECT Open Surgery


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