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"declipse" of the Sentinel Lymph Node and Tumor

declipse®SPECT user interface showing the d-eclipse of the SLNs declipse®SPECT provides, for the first time worldwide, an intra-operative 3D imaging solution to visualize radioactively labeled tumor structures and sentinel nodes in 3D during a surgical procedure. declipse®SPECT allows during your surgical treatment a direct anatomical reference to the intraoperatively generated 3-D images for navigation and quality assurance. Futhermore, it provides you with transparent documentation of the performed treatment. Its flexible and portable design based on highly sensitive gamma probes and sub millimeter precise navigation and visualization technologies enables image-guided resection of tumors. With the aid of declipse®SPECT, radioactively marked lymph nodes, tumors, and metastasis can be localized with high accuracy in the OR and safely resected.

declipse®SPECT provides surgery support in open surgery and laparoscopic surgery:

declipse®SPECT Laparoscopic Surgery

Detailed information of declipse®SPECT Open Surgery


SurgicEye at EANM 2016 ⁄ Book published